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Question 7/7 in Laser Cartridges FAQs


Will using a compatible / remanufactured cartridge void my printer warranty?

Profit motives! If the very sincere, very helpful salesperson tells you in all sincerity that using a Compatible / remanufactured cartridge will void your warranty, you would probably believe them, right? Most people do. Then, based on that salesperson's warnings, they buy an over-priced, brand-name, brand-new cartridge.

Why would they tell you the use of a compatible / remanufactured cartridge would void your warranty if it isn't true? The choice is yours - You can give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they are just misinformed or you can believe (what is more likely the case), that they are saying the words they know will convince you to spend 2 - 4 times more money than you have to on a brand-new, name-brand toner cartridge on which they make considerably more commission or profit!

Question 7/7 in Laser Cartridges FAQs


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