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Question 2/5 in Label Software FAQs


How to create a label containing fields from a database ?

This tutorial explains how to create a new blank design, link it to a database and add fields from the database to the design. While the screen shots are made using our Desmat Label Xpress Pro program. This tutorial also applies to any supported database, including Excel XLS, XLSX, Access and the built-in address book database with any number of records.

To get to the starting point of this tutorial select File->New on the menu to start the Design Wizard. If you just started the software you can just click Next on the Startup Options screen displayed when the program starts.

Creating a Label with the Design Wizard

The first step is to create a new label to link and add your fields to. To keep things simple we are creating a blank address label, but you can apply this to any type of label using any template that we offer or even a label that you already designed previously. Select the type of label your want to create (an address label is selected below) and click Next then select the Blank template and click Next again.

Question 2/5 in Label Software FAQs


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