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Question 1/7 in Laser Cartridges FAQs


How is the desmat compatible laser cartridge Quality different from OEM?

Third party companies manufacture compatible toners that have passed the ISO-9001 tests before reaching the market. However, due to patent and copyright issues, there are slight differences (almost unnoticeable) in its makeup and perhaps quality depending on the third party manufacturer. Most compatible toner can par the print quality of OEMs. Our compatible cartridge, use 100% imported Toner & Parts and emphasis on strict Quality Control, ensure that our cartridges delivery quality equivalent to OEM. Our cartridges fill in more quantity of Toner as required for each cartridge ensuring hat the yield is not impacted and as good as OEM. In fact all our compatible cartridges give yield at 5% coverage printed on the box.

Question 1/7 in Laser Cartridges FAQs


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