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Question 2/7 in Laser Cartridges FAQs


How many times can I use desmat toner on my name-brand, once-used, empty cartridge?

An average of three times (It varies depending on cartridge type). The range is from 1 or 2 times, to 5 or more times. While we have had reports from some users that they have been able to use desmat toner an even greater number of times on a given empty, the simple (and obvious) rule of thumb is, continue to use desmat toner until you are no longer satisfied with the print quality.

Sometimes a empty cartridge may require you to replace some minor parts like a nylon bush and some cartridges may require you to replace the mag roller or the opc drum as well. Your refill service engineer will advise you best

Question 2/7 in Laser Cartridges FAQs


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