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Linerless Labels
event_note  1 Jan

Linerless Labels

Linerless labels, while not a new technology, is a segment that is seeing a rise in relevancy and usage. While there are limitations, these labels provide a host of advantages for certain markets.

A typical pressure sensitive label features a facestock, adhesive and release-coated liner. By definition, pressure sensitive linerless labels do not utilize a silicone-coated release liner or a dispensing agent for application. A linerless label is essentially a tape. “It is a mono web product with silicone (release coating) on one side and adhesive on the other,” if it is a printed product, printing must be done prior to any coating, so the web will be printed, silicone will be applied on one side, and the adhesive on the other side. Then, this coated material is wound on itself.

RBCPL sees a great opportunity in this product line. Keeping the concern for having the least amount of carbon footprint and having the same functionality. Linerless labels offer a growing oppurtunity