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Types and Application of Logistics Bar Code
event_note  1 Jan

Types and Application of Logistics Bar Code

Logistics bar code is one kind of special code in the supply chain to identify the concrete objects in the logistics field. It is shared data of the whole process of the whole supply chain , including the manufacturer, distribution industry, transportation industry and consumers. It runs through the entire trade process, and through the logistics bar code data collection, feedback, improve the economic efficiency of the entire logistics system. Internationally common and recognized logistics bar code are these three types: ITF-14 bar code, UCC / EAN-128 bar code and EAN-13 bar code. 1. ITF-14 bar code. ITF bar code is a continuous type, fixed length, with self-checking function, and the bar, empty information that the two-way bar code. ITF-14 bar code bar code character set, the composition of bar code characters and interleave twenty-five yards the same. It consists of rectangular protection box, left blank area, bar code characters, the right side of the blank area. 2. UCC / EAN-128 application bar code. UCC / EAN-128 Application Marker Barcode is a continuous, non-fixed bar code that can identify more information in the trade unit, such as product lot number, quantity, specification, date of manufacture, expiration date, place of delivery, etc. 3.EAN-13 bar code. Single large items such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other goods often use EAN-13 bar code.